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Poetry: Grey Scale

Everything with time

A short piece I wrote for two characters who may show up later.

Pale, temporary and vibrantCollapse )

50 Themes

 I'm trying a 50 themes challenge for the No Cloudy Skies universe. I'm not sure why I named it No Cloudy Skies...yes, I do, never mind. 
Anyhow: themes go here so I'll be accountable to something, I guess.

silencebreak awaytrouble lurkingvacationmisfortune
mother naturehappinessunder the rainbroken pieces precious treasure 
abandoneddreamsflightteamworkstanding still
two roadsillusionstripes breaking the rules give up
 danger ahead no way outdo not disturbwaitingtower
multitaskingstarsobsessionout coldtriangle
foodseeing red through the fire spiraldrowning
the end keeping a secret last hopein the stormsafety first


So kinda a lot has happened since I last posted a journal post that wasn't poetry.

I think the most important is that my dad has found a new church to go to. I believe a good number of future posts are going to be about said church. It's pretty sad when I, a former resident of Huntsville, Texas, can say this church is honestly the most oppressive place I've ever had the misfortune of setting foot in.

Ever since I realized I was queer, and finally realized that what my dad told me was wrong; I damn well could have a family and a committed relationship and be a good person and still like girls, I've never, ever been ashamed of being queer.

But walking into this place, even though no one knows, I feel like I'm being condemned for just daring to breathe. It's horribly stifling and not just for me, my sister is really beginning to feel the strain of having to go there every week.

She had a huge fight with dad about it just before we left this morning. It was so bad I was considering dicking off to Sam's for a sympathetic shoulder, some warm tea and a cuddle. Maybe I'll text her later when I'm not feeling so shitty. I really hate to weigh her down with my problems when she's got shit of her own to deal with.

On a lighter note, I've recently rekindled my love for the Visored of Bleach. Specifically, Kensei and Risa/Lisa. Though not really together and not really with anyone else either, oddly enough. For some reason, I see Risa as Kensei's unwanted faghag. She seems like the type to grill him about any and all sexual encounters. Also, in my head-canon Kensei is straight gay.

I'm so strange.

I think that the Visored appeal to me the most out of Kubo's character bundles because I like the dysfunctional family type dynamic they have, which may be why I can't see any of them really paired together (except for Rose and Love, mainly because I like the thought of Love being banished to the couch by Rose for whatever reason.).

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough for one post.

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More Poetry

I hate old white ladies.

 My puppy has a UTI. Poor baby. He had to get two shots and doesn't feel well at all. D:

On a different note, I went to the Houston Zoo today. Fun times, except all of the animals were in the shade/inside because of the heat. D: We didn't get to see any tigers.

Also, the old lady across the street keeps telling people that my other dog, Rocky is dangerous. GTFO, bitch. You're the idiot who showed him your crotchety dog so they could "make friends". FYI, two intact males aren't going to just "make friends", especially when yours thinks he's entitled to everything, including Rex (who is neutered). He tried to hump my puppy! I didn't think that old arthritic dogs could do that! Also, don't get huffy with me when I told you to keep your dog away from mine. No thanks, I'd rather not watch your ugly ass dog hump mine.

(Teddy/Billy) Fanfiction

 So, I posted this for the shiny Marvel Kink Meme 2.0. I forgot to go anon though, so I'll just go ahead and post it anyway.

Title: Fanfiction
Author: DrylyBabbling
Fandom: Marvel 616: Young Avengers
Rating: Uh, PG-15 for half way explicit mentions of sex?
Prompt: Billy writes Tony/Steve fanfiction. Teddy is horrified and also slightly turned on.

That was a really long time ago, obviously he didn’t ship them now!Collapse )

Writer's Block: More than words

Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

So right now, it's "Dog Days are Over" by Florence and the Machines. All the lyrics sort of hit me, as (I think) it's a song about a woman who's trying desperately to find happiness. It's also a good song. :)
As an introduction: My bathroom is kind of like a fantasy dwarf.  It is small, ugly, covered in weird stains, kind of sticky, covered in hair and reeks of alcohol. (It's sticky because the amount of hairspray my sister uses indicates that she has a secret ambition to create her very own hole in the ozone layer, it's hairy because everything seems to stick to the floor, especially hair, and it reeks of alcohol because of the amount of cleaning products desperately used to try and get rid of the sticky and hairy parts).

So, after spending approximately five hours and 3.269 million brain cells in the cramped, too-small, unventilated, moldy bathroom that my sister and I share (Well, that's not fair. It's not moldy anymore after I sprayed the mold with bleach and we've put the primer on.) in an effort to prime the walls for painting, my sister, my mom, and I went out to go find an actual color to paint the walls, and also get ideas to replace the god-awful cabinets that some idiot contractor salvaged from a junk heap somewhere and painted white. And when I say "painted", I mean that he installed it, put a coat of primer on it, and then put the doors on crooked, just to fuck with me.

Everything I know, I learned from daytime television.Collapse )

In short, I wish I lived by myself, didn't have such an ugly bathroom, and also got laid more often.